Bad movies are undoubtedly subjective. Some people hate them, some people like them and refuse to admit they’re bad, and some people relish in mocking them ruthlessly.

If you’re Type 3, then you’ve come to the right place. But some “bad movies” are GOOD bad (absurd, unintentionally comical) and some are BAD bad (boring, offensive, etc).

To avoid unintentionally rewatching a BAD bad movie, we started a list, rating them as we went. Because some types of bad movies are better for different crowds than others, we broke them down into 4 categories:

Entertainment Value – Were you not entertained? This is the most general category. Doesn’t matter what it was that entertained you.

Quotability – Was the script memorable or noteworthy? Did it have an original song that you can’t get out of your head?

Watchability/Likability – Was it boring? Did it make you uncomfortable? Did it make you sick to your stomach? Was a character so obnoxious that you couldn’t even laugh AT them.

WTF/Delusion – Personally, we think this is the most important category for a bad movie and it’s pretty self-explanatory. How frequently did the movie make you scream “WTF just happened”? Was this movie clearly directed and funded by the clinically insane? Any bad movie that is “bad on purpose” will get docked significantly here…cough…Sharknado…cough..Rubber…cough cough.

Additional Tips

Genre can have a huge influence on personal preference. For some, a bad comedy is almost nauseating to get through, but a bad drama is an unintentional comedy in itself. Old slasher movies are also a mainstay of the bad movie community, but can still be a little rough to watch sometimes, especially with dinner. Personally, cheesy action or drama is typically where’s it’s at for us, but any movie that completely fails at what it’s trying to do is typically good. Throw in a visible boom mic and a jump cut or two and you’ve hit the sweet spot.

Budget and year can also have a large impact on what to expect when selecting a movie. The larger the budget, the more likely that the movie was just a box office flop vs a cult classic. When it comes to the year, the older it is, the harder it becomes to skewer. Special effects and scripts were all pretty awful in the 60s, so it’s a lot easier to cut them a little slack. Older movies also tend to be a little slower and harder to get through.

You can find your niche by reading our ratings carefully. If your overall preference is different than ours, look at the scores from each category, along with the genre, budget and year. You may start to realize you have a thing for low production value and high delusion. On the flip side, maybe you love seeing celebs in embarrassing roles from the start of their career. These will often have a higher budget, but lower WTF rating.